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A smoothie for everyone!
The blender-free smoothie The blender-free smoothie
Pom Blue Pom Blue
The blender-free smoothie The blender-free smoothie
The blender-free smoothie The blender-free smoothie
The blender-free smoothie
You don’t have a blender at home? No worries. Simply use a hand mixer, with a blade and motor. It should have a fairly powerful motor in order to turn the food into a soup or puree. Here’s an example. Chop up a mango, add raspberries, ice cubes, POM Wonderful® and non-fat milk. Then mix everything. Leave to cool for a while in the fridge, before enjoying. This smoothie is a great way to drink your vitamins.
Wake up to pomegranate power with a POM Passion Smoothie. The perfect start to your day, this blend will become your daily passion.
You’ll need 60ml of POM Wonderful®, 170 g of non-fat yogurt, 1 cup of fresh strawberries and a handful of ice. Blend all ingredients together until the desired consistency is reached.
Pom Blue
Cure the breakfast blues with the POM Blue, an energizing morning smoothie. Whip it up the night before for an easy, portable, delicious breakfast even the little ones can enjoy.
You’ll need 60 ml of POM Wonderful®, 170 g of fat-free blueberry yoghurt (frozen), 1 cup of fresh blueberries, 1 cup of non-fat milk and a handful of crushed ice. Blend all ingredients together until desired consistency.
The Shake smoothie
Two avocados, 2 bananas, 1 orange and 10 cl of POM Wonderful® – that’s your Shake smoothie. It’s delicious and it’ll make your day.
POM Morning Smoothie
You’ll need 1 cup of POM Wonderful, ¾ cup of vanilla soymilk or regular low-fat milk, 2 ice cubes, 1 large banana (peeled and broken into chunks), 2 tablespoons of slivered or sliced almonds, 2–4 tablespoons of protein powder (optional), 1 teaspoon of honey or to taste.
In a blender combine POM Wonderful® with soymilk, ice cubes, banana, almonds, protein powder (optional), and honey to taste. Cover and blend on high speed for 30 seconds. Pour into 2 tall glasses and serve immediately.


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